• Healing touch for an ailing heart by Dr Divakar Bhat
    Senior Cardio-thoracic surgeon Divakar Bhat believes surgery is only ¼ th in the process of healing, understanding the patient & listening to them are rather more important.
  • Long life through short sharp knife
    Very few heart problems require surgery, but who undergoes a successful surgery will have a long quality life.
  • Beating heart surgey technique
    Heart is an organ which works always. Repairing the engine while it is working is a challenge.
  • Key Hole Heart Operation
    Cut on the skin gets smaller, but the magnitude of operations remains same with more benefits.

Dr.Divakar Bhat is well known for his "Beating heart surgery" technique where in heart (engine) is repaired without stopping, thus helping the patient to recover very fast from major operation. Valve replacement, pediatric heart operations, key hole heart operations, vascular operations & lung surgeries are done with high success rate in his hands. By now he has performed more than 3500 operations independently, involved in more than 6000 operations as assistant surgeon, and actively involved in around 100 heart lung transplants when he was in Sydney.

Frequently Asked Questions

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